Thursday, 13 August 2009

What can a Retreat Achieve?

A well-conceived, well-designed, well-run retreat can

·         Help change an organization’s strategic direction

·         Generate new solutions for old problems

·         Get everyone pulling in the same direction

·         Help people feel heard about issues that matter to them

·         Deal with sources of overt or buried conflict

·         Allow colleagues to get to know and come to trust one another

·         Foster new ways of working together

·         Help people see things in new ways and envision new possibilities for themselves and for the organization

·         Create a common frame of reference for past events and future expectations

·         Contribute to creating a new and healthier culture for the organization

·         Encourage people to take risks that are necessary for the organization to thrive

Source: Retreats That Work

What’s your best story on either conducting or participating to a well-conceived, well-designed, well-run retreat?

Marquis Bureau

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