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Organizational Health and Balance Workshop Series

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May 5-7, 2009
You can choose either our French or English workshops.
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This Organizational Health and Balance series of experiential workshops prepares participants to look holistically at the current state of balance of their organization and to initiate strategies to create a healthy work environment, strategies that are critical to success and viability. Participants will learn and apply simple and practical tools, frameworks and approaches that integrate ancient wisdom and leading edge practices. These tools have been used with great success around the world in developed and developing countries in all kinds of organizations, associations and communities.

Leaders today know that being a healthy organization is not optional. A healthy and dynamic working environment is the precondition for generating skills and knowledge, collaborative working relationships, change readiness, resilience, and innovation. Much has been written about WHAT needs to be done, but there is very little guidance as to HOW to get there. These workshops help to fill that gap.

We invite participants from corporate, non-profit, education, the arts, health care or other public sector organizations. If you are a leader, manager, consultant or anyone who needs to work with others to achieve results, this program offers new and practical paths to create the future of your organization.

The Organizational Health and Balance workshops help to develop leaders and leadership. They are foundational to our leader development programs based on Genuine Contact™.

What Will I Learn At This Workshop?

Our teaching model is rooted in experience. The platform design for the model is Whole Person Process Facilitation. The reality of learning from experience is embedded in ancestral worldviews from which our model evolves.

May 5, 2009 Part 1: Path to Organizational Health and Balance provides a broad overview of the importance of organizational health and the steps required to achieve it.

May 6&7 Part 2: Achieving and Regenerating Organizational Health and Balance deepens the exploration of organizational health and its achievement and provides practical experience using the tools to develop an assessment and regeneration plan for your organization

You will leave these workshops equipped with:
• Key questions to ask to start your organization on a path to health and balance
• An understanding of the Medicine Wheel Tool© and other simple tools as holistic diagnostic frameworks for understanding your organization’s current state of health.
• A completed ‘diagnosis’ of the health of your organization, from your perspective (or from the perspective of your Management Team/Board if you attend together)
• A process for developing strategy and energizing collective action to move the strategy forward
• A customized practical, holistic framework for achieving and maintaining long-term organizational health that equips you to propel to higher levels of development and continually learn how to connect people, strategy and the bottom line.
• Knowledge of how to increase the capacity of your organization to work effectively in rapidly changing times to:
o Positively impact your bottom line,
o Improve the effectiveness of training programs,
o Enhance the effectiveness of customer service and quality assurance
o Promote health and well being of your employees, and
o Reduce the human and financial costs of stress.
• An understanding of the importance of relationships, that are based on genuine contact, to achieve results beyond your expectations
• An approach to Whole Systems Thinking – a holistic perspective and working with organizations as living systems

Each workshop includes a workbook to support ongoing learning. All participants have access to support and mentorship following the training through an international network of Genuine Contact™ professionals. For more information

Our Workshop Location

Nestled in the Laurentian Mountains 80 km north of Montreal is the beautiful town of Val David
and Prema Shanti, a tranquil inn on the shores of Lac Doré. Prema Shanti is home to our
workshops and provides an ideal retreat setting for a complete residential learning experience.
The inn offers beautifully appointed rooms, fine dining, spa services, and easy access to hiking
trails, swimming and canoeing. Dormitory housing is also available for those who are more
budget conscious. Special rates are available for all workshop participants including
accommodations, meals and use of the facilities. Please contact Prema Shanti for further details.

Our Facilitation Team

Michelle Cooper of Integral Visions Consulting Inc (Ancaster, ON), Donna Clark of Emergent Futures Consulting Inc (Halifax, NS) and Marquis Bureau of MBureau International Inc (Notre Dame de la Salette, QC) make up our facilitation team. They are authorized Genuine Contact™ Trainers and Co-Owners who have been working with the Program for a number of years. This partnership offers participants the opportunity to learn from Genuine Contact Professionals working across Canada and internationally in a variety of sectors. It also allows us to offer the Genuine Contact workshops both in English and French, providing participants with a unique and customized learning experience.

A limited number of scholarship positions are available. For more information, contact us.

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