Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Courage to Live Passionately

It takes courage to live passionately. The choice to live with passion is the choice to open yourself fully to each moment and to each situation. You give everything. You hold nothing back.

Living with passion means sometimes living on the edge of our comfort zone. We are awake. We are alive. We are feeling - everything. We meet the circumstances and challenges of our life boldly. It's not that we don't feel doubt or fear - it's that we learn to make our passion for growth and truth stronger than our fear.

This kind of courage isn't the same as physical bravery. It is emotional courage. Emotional courage allows you to participate 100% in whatever you are doing and wherever you are going. It allows you to see beyond that which is the way to your dreams, your desires, your destiny, and to go forward with enthusiasm. You aren't saving some of your passion for a time in the future when you will be absolutely certain about how things will turn out. You are offering all of who you are to life right now.

Emotional courage helps you venture out of your safe harbors into open and exciting seas, to do the things you want to do so you do not end your life with regret.

Opening up to passion means becoming open to the mysterious, the unexpected, the subtle, and allowing that which is out of the ordinary to reveal itself. This means being willing to let go of control, and adventure into new pathways of feeling, of perception, of experience, pathways that will lead you to more joy and wonder than you knew was possible.

Barbara De Angelis

Photo: Marquis Bureau, St. Lucia, 2009

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