Monday, 9 March 2009


Storytelling is an excellent method of giving speakers an opportunity for uninterrupted voice in a manner culturally conditioned for many diverse groups and rich in learning for the listener. The ultimate value of storytelling is to recreate a situation for someone who has not lived it through it, so the listener can benefit from the teller's experience.

Healing through stories is but one important aspect of synthesizing our relationship with ourselves and with the entire universe. As well as being entertaining and giving a sense of pleasure, stories arouse heightened mindfulness, a sense of wonder and mystery, and a reverence for life. As the story unfolds, a rapport develops between the storyteller and listeners.

Storytelling does not occur in a vacuum. Story tellers need an audience, a response, in order to make the telling a worth while experience.

When an experience becomes a story, it is passed on, given away, made sacred. The story intensifies the value of the events that have passed. Pain and rage can be released, isolation broken, triumph and ecstasy celebrated. What was a singular experience becomes woven into a larger context.

Source : Fyre Jean Graveline

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