Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Practices of Conflict Resolution

Dates: March 5-6, 2009
Where: Val-David, Quebec
Module 3 of the Genuine Contact Program

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At this two-day highly experiential workshop, “Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution”, you will learn a simple and highly effective method for working with people in conflict situations who wish to resolve their problem. The workshop focuses on the readiness of the facilitator to work with situations of conflict, providing skills and frameworks for conflict resolution in groups based on universal cross-cultural practices for conflict resolution.

Today, all organizations and the people within them are experiencing more rapid change than ever before. Hand in hand with change comes the certainty of conflict. Conflict can be source of creativity and innovation when individuals and groups embrace diverse viewpoints and can reconcile differences. However, unresolved conflict diverts individual and organizational energy away from constructive and productive work, which ultimately negatively impacts service and the bottom line. People engaged in conflict are usually fixed in one perspective. They rarely ask each other genuine questions. They may lose contact with their whole selves. Individual responses may make it difficult for them to participate fully and effectively in efforts to resolve the conflict, resulting in the need for third party intervention.

What will I learn at this workshop?

You will leave the workshop equipped with practical and holistic process and frameworks that will enable you to:
· Make genuine contact with your understanding of conflict and conflict resolution;
· Prepare yourself to successfully facilitate conflict resolution;
· Determine if conflict resolution is appropriate or if other means need to be employed
· Work with individuals to prepare them for conflict resolution;
· Apply practices for conflict resolution with individuals and groups
The workshop is based on best practices of the Genuine Contact™ program and approach.

Each workshop includes a workbook and video and audio CD package to support ongoing learning. All participants have access to support and mentorship following the training through an international network of Genuine Contact™ professionals.

Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution is Session 3 of the Genuine Contact™ Program.

Our New Workshop Location

Nestled in the Laurentian Mountains 80 km north of Montreal is the beautiful town of Val David and Prema Shanti, a tranquil inn on the shores of Lac Doré. Prema Shanti is home to our workshops and provides an ideal retreat setting for a complete residential learning experience.

The inn offers beautifully appointed rooms, fine dining, and easy access to hiking trails, swimming and canoeing. Meals and accommodations are included in tuition and include accommodations for the nights of March 4 and 5, meals from breakfast on March 5 through lunch on March 6, non-alcoholic beverages and use of the facilities.

In-House Workshops

Contact us to arrange a private workshop for your organization or association to learn about the importance of Organizational Health and Balance or any of the other Genuine Contact™ Program Workshops.

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