Sunday, 20 December 2009

Why talk so openly?

A Warrior of Light shares with others what he knows of the path.

Anyone who gives help also receives helps and needs to teach what he has learned. That is why he sits by the fire and recounts his day on the battlefield.

A friend whispers: “Why talk so openly about your strategy? Don’t you realize that, by doing so, you run the risk of sharing your conquests with others?”
The Warrior merely smiles and says nothing. He knows that is, at the end of his journey, he arrives to find an empty paradise, his struggle will have been a waste of time.

Source: Paulo Coelho, Warrior of the Light

Tomorrow is Winter Solstice! In the Northern Hemisphere, the winter solstice occurs either December 21 or 22, when the sun shines directly over the tropic of Capricorn; the summer solstice occurs either June 20 or 21, when the sun shines directly over the tropic of Cancer. In the Southern Hemisphere, the winter and summer solstices are reversed. The winter solstice marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year. The sun appears at its lowest point in the sky, and its noontime elevation appears to be the same for several days before and after the solstice.

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