Wednesday, 24 December 2008

End of Year

A wish of love and remembrance to you and yours.

May peace be more than a season. May it be a way of life!


Monday, 15 December 2008

The Path of the Wheel

As a Traditional teacher, I recognize that I am my own healing/learning journey. As I tell my own stories and follow the path of the Wheel in each teaching section, I pay attention to my own process so that I relearn and re-experience the Model each time it is produced. I do not approach teaching as an exercise in pedagogical transmission; rather, I embody and transmit my experience as a guide - as one familiar with the process, having previously undertaken it. As a teacher, I do not stand apart from but am an integral part of the process.

Source : Fyre Jean Graveline, Circle Works
Graphic : Medecine Wheel Tool, Genuine Contact Program

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Three Day Co-Facilitation

Donna Clark and I are in St. Andrews, New-Brunswick co-faciliting a three day meeting with 60 people on behalf of Environment Canada. Whole Person Process Facilitation will be used as the container. It will include Storytelling, Open Space Technology, and the Medicine Wheel Tool. Another example of a blended design and delivery as practiced in the Genuine Contact Program.

Another lighthouse being light.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Honouring the Circle : Tribal People of the Earth

The Sacred Circle
Honoured by most Tribal people of the Earth
On the Plains named the Medicine Wheel.
Symbolic of Wholeness and Completion
Mother Earth in her Roundness...Fullness...Abundance.
Four is the Sacred number
Four seasons in the cycle...Four elemental powers
Four races of humanity...Four laws of living in community
Four Directions of the Medicine Wheel.
Weaves the Web of Interconnectedness with all of Creation
Between those who have gone before...those who will come after.
Circle is a container for energy...we Share together
Strengthening...Healing each of us...Together
Helps us continue with our struggles
As we "walk our talk" each day
Honouring our selves...All others
The Ancestors...Mother Earth

Source: Circle Works, Fyre Jean Graveline
Photo:Bighorn Medicine Wheel