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Next Workshop in Val-David, QC, Canada - March 5-6, 2009

Session 3 of the Genuine Contact Program:
Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution

The one constant in life is change. Today, all organizations and the people within them are experiencing more rapid change than ever before. And hand in hand with change is the certainty of conflict. Conflict uses up individual and organizational energy, taking this energy away from constructive and productive work.

We invite you to a workshop to learn simple and highly effective methods for working with people in situations of conflict. The workshop focuses on the readiness of the facilitator to work with situations of conflict with groups. The personal preparation of the facilitator is essential. The workshop provides guidance in personal preparation as well as providing the facilitator with skills and a framework for conflict resolution. This framework for conflict resolution in groups is based on universal cross cultural practices for conflict resolution.

People engaged in conflict are usually fixed in one perspective. They rarely ask each other genuine questions. They also tend to lose contact with whole selves, rendering voiceless a part of themselves and they are unable to participate fully and effectively in efforts to resolve the conflict.

This workshop is based on the work of anthropologist Angeles Arrien, author Harrison Owen, and knowledge of the I CHING (the Chinese book of change). The program covers the three energies (dynamic, magnetic, integrated), the four principles of Open Space Technology, the art of detachment, and the six stages of problem solving.

You will leave this experiential, interactive workshop equipped with:
• A practical, holistic process through which you will lead meetings for conflict resolution
• A practical, holistic way of preparing the individuals to be involved with the conflict resolution meeting
• A practical, holistic way of preparing yourself to facilitate successful meetings
• The skills and knowledge to recognize when conflict resolution won't work and other means need to be employed

If your particular concern is conflict resolution, we recommend learning to use Open Space Technology, Whole Person Process Facilitation, and the Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution meeting methodology and skills. All three are exceptionally successful in resolving conflict and finding solutions including agreement to implement the solutions. These three skill sets will provide you with a “toolbox” for working with any situations of conflict.

Length: 2 days
Pre-requisites: None
(Note: While there are no pre-requisites, we find that combining this workshop with the Open Space Technology & Whole Person Process Facilitation trainings provides you with a exceptionally effective “toolbox” for working with any situations of conflict).

For more information or if you wish to register, please contact Marquis Bureau:

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